We’re experts in bathroom renovations and kitchen renovation projects. You’ll deal directly with our Auckland cabinet making team, and receive our 12 month, on-site workmanship guarantee.

We custom-build all of our cabinets to match your space and design ideas so you get the perfect, no-compromise result for your home renovation.

Work with our craftsman cabinet makers to realise your renovation ideas

Kitchen PlanEvery home renovation is unique. Your vision of what you want is unique, and so are the space and layout choices, and challenges of fitting that vision into your home.

So don’t try to squeeze it into a narrow set of modules and preset sizes, made that way for the manufacturer’s convenience, not yours.

To get what you want, and to do it with a minimum of fuss and stress, you need to know your suppliers are in control of every phase and aspect.

Sure, it takes technical skills and flexibility in both design and making. But it also demands willingness to adapt to changes, to work as part of a team of contractors, and meticulous project management.

That’s what we can offer at The Cabinet Shop, along with the peace of mind that you’ll be dealing with one of our owners to ensure that decisions can be made on the spot, and issues resolved quickly.

Plus you’ll get all of the quality, value and durability that we build into every one of our kitchens and bathrooms. And you’ll get exactly what you want to take advantage of your space and layout constraints, because of our no-compromise, custom-built cabinetry.

  • We build exactly to your space and your design, because we’re not limited by a presized, modular format
  • You won’t face additional charges for moving away from these set sizes
  • No ugly filler panels of varying sizes because any unit can be made to any size
  • We use high quality materials and hardware
  • Our work is guaranteed

And, because we make everything from scratch, we can also help you with those fiddly extra jobs that pop up in a renovation, like wardrobes, shelf units, stands, cupboards, and so on. That’s one fewer supplier to organise, and a lot less stress getting just what you want.

Contact us today for a no-obligation talk about your kitchen or bathroom renovation needs.

If you’re just getting started, why not contact us for a 3D kitchen plan to help you visualise what you can do with your space?

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