Our kitchen cabinets and complete kitchen designs are manufactured here in Auckland to guarantee quality materials, high standards of craftsmanship and a perfect fit for your new or renovated home.

And because we control the whole process, we can also give you better options which can save you money and give you a much better result.

What’s on the inside can be more important than what’s on the outside

meltica-hi-gloss-kitchenWe sometimes take a few knocks for what some see as too much focus on how things are made, rather than just appearance and price.

But we were trained in high-end home and high-use commercial projects, and we firmly believe that what the most demanding customers get is what we should give every customer of The Cabinet Shop.

Besides, when we control the whole process, we can also give you better options which can save you money, give you a much better-looking result and, importantly, works and flows better.

  • We build exactly to your space and your design, because we’re not limited by a presized, modular format
  • Nor do you face additional charges for moving away from these set sizes
  • And because any unit can be made to any size, there are no ugly filler panels of varying sizes

The right materials for the right environment

We like to choose great-looking, easy-to-clean Melteca in a range of 80 colours and styles, and combine it with MDF or ply for all of our kitchen interiors.


We never use particle board because our cabinets are made to stand up to hard wear and moisture. Some call us picky, we call it responsible, and we guarantee to stand behind every cabinet.

But making long-lasting, durable kitchens isn’t just about the materials. It’s about the workmanship—the accuracy of the joins, superior resins and fixing, the quality of the finishing—that keeps them protected from water, chips, day-to-day knocks and spills, and always functioning perfectly.

The bench top is a key to your kitchen’s look and its function, so we make sure you’ve got a wide range of kitchen bench tops to choose from, including:

  • Composite stone tops
  • Acrylic tops
  • Laminate tops
  • Concrete tops

And for doors, the choice is almost limitless: Melteca with matching PVC edge, a paint finish from any colour you choose, wrapped doors, solid timber doors finished in a stain of your choosing, aluminium or glass.

High quality hardware that lasts a lifetime

TEC_soft-close-greenFew things can better raise a kitchen or bathroom above the ordinary than its use of beautiful, smoothly-functioning, top-quality hardware. It’s the drawer that glides to a close with a tap, the door that swings effortlessly aside.

With hardware sourced from internationally-renowned manufacturers Häfele and Grass, you can be absolutely confident of components that make your cabinets a joy to use and offer a lifetime of hard wear.

Take a look at this video to see the difference it makes with one of our most popular choices, the Tiomos range from Grass.

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