There’s a reason we put ‘cabinet’ into our name. While we value design and love to produce beautiful work that lifts homes above the ordinary, our roots are in making things.

We’re craftsman cabinetmakers who started this business because we believe we can make fine kitchens and bathrooms here in Auckland that compete with imports on value, but exceed them in quality.

Why we make our own kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets here in Auckland

We know our work goes into the toughest environments in the home. Kitchens and bathrooms are the places that have high usage, with lots of wet areas. At the same time, they must always look great because how they look is key to creating a beautiful home.

So when we make promises to our customers, and back them up with a full year, on-site materials and workmanship guarantee, we want to know exactly how they were made and what went into them.

And we’ll only use hardware for which we can give you a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. If our hardware suppliers won’t stand behind their products, we won’t put them into your home.

So when we give you our guarantee, we know we can deliver on it. We don’t put in what we can’t stand behind.

At The Cabinet Shop, the people who make the promises, make the cabinets

Every job that comes into The Cabinet Shop is personally overseen by owner John Hay.

John has a decade of kitchen manufacturing experience where he’s learned that a project’s success is always built on getting it right at the start. His secret: listen, learn, understand the customer’s needs, and keep them informed all the way.

So from the very first consultation right through until the job is done, you’ll find John obsessively tracking every detail, and keeping you in the loop. You’re even welcome to come and see your kitchen being made. The result is that promises are met, jobs are finished on time, and the whole experience is one to remember, not to forget.

Contact us today for a no-obligation talk about your kitchen, bathroom or renovation needs.

If you’re just getting started, why not contact us for a 3D kitchen plan to help you visualise what you can do with your space?

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